Your Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach

Richard Haggerty BA (Hons) C.Ht CMH DCMT MAPHP is an in-demand hypnotic consultant. An experienced master hypnotist who has been helping clients make profound lasting changes since 2000, he is a full member of the Association of Complete Mind Therapists and the International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (INHNLP). He is also the author of Fearless Fasting.

Certified independently by both founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Richard has traveled internationally to continue seeking the best hypnosis training possible, including certification as a master hypnotist, life coach and NLP trainer by Master Trainers and authors of “Training Trances” John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn in 2004. This included 2 years of private one to one mentoring with John Overdurf. He is also an official gastric band and MELT practitioner registered with the UK Association of Complete Mind Therapists.

Richard has successfully worked with clients to win world championships at body building, Welsh national squad footballers and X Factor semi finalists. He has offered sessions at Cardiff University staff since 2014 as part of their Positive Health and Wellbeing fortnight.

He is also an accomplished street hypnosis performer – choosing to use vivid demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena as powerful metaphors for change – and the latent power each of us knows we have inside us.

Richard focuses on getting clients to access their own inner resources: entrepreneurs navigating overwhelming anxiety; professionals seeking to overcome interview nerves; clients wanting to quit or change a habit; ordinary people who want to overcome stress, fear and anxiety or manage pain or IBS successfully in order to enjoy a richer quality of life.

He offers phone and Skype coaching as well as one-to-one hypnotherapy and works with clients all over the world: across the UK, as far as Norway and all the way down to Australia.

Richard has designed and produced over 100 original hypnosis recordings, field tested with real-world clients, including the internationally renowned Advanced Hypnotic Weight Loss Course set of recordings (featuring his Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy recording), Stress Buster and Prepare to Quit Smoking recordings.

Richard’s approach is warm, friendly and personal: a free one to one consultation is available. Choosing to invest time and effort in a coaching or hypnosis program is a significant commitment for anyone serious about making lasting changes. That is what we achieve in the consultation: as a hypnotic consultant, Richard will assess your immediate suitability at that time for hypnotherapy. At the end of your consultation, Richard always offers clear suggestions for a next step, which may or may not include hypnosis and coaching (you always have options!).

Richard tailors all sessions, so everything is designed around you and your needs – in a safe, professional and confidential environment.