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  • Have you ever said, “I hope my face doesn’t go red. If I forget about it, maybe it will go away”?
  • Does a part of you feel sick inside at the thought of this embarrassing problem happening in front of people?
  • Do you find yourself blushing – for no reason?
  • Do you lack confidence socially because you are so embarrassed about your blushing problem?
  • Is blushing ruining your life?
  • Do you lose sleep worrying you might blush when you go into the office?
  • Has this been getting steadily worse over the years?

Imagine what it would be like to Stop Blushing Quickly And Easily now with an experienced Master Hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis can help to stop blushing in a number of different ways. As you watch the video on the right, consider how much it would mean to you to stop blushing now.

Call Richard Now on 07771 554782 so you can *STOP SMOKING WITH HYPNOSIS* Article Now“Since seeing you Rich, I’ve also rekindled a sense of childhood playfulness and ability to have fun that I thought I had lost. My overall sense of relaxation is much increased, so have my happy feelings and ability to focus. I just don’t have that sense of tension in my stomach that always seemed to be there any more. – Mel Plati, Artist,

Blushing is an unconscious reaction to certain stimuli. Hypnotherapy can work with your unconscious mind to program in new, positive unconscious reactions to these external triggers to make blushing a thing of the past.

Hypnosis can also help to control blushing by helping you to feel less uncomfortable in situations where you are prone to becoming flushed. A good hypnotherapist can work with you to build your confidence and assertiveness so that you are less likely to feel vulnerable and respond by blushing.


You don’t have to book hypnosis sessions now, but consider all the benefits you’ll receive instantly after you do. Clients tell me that the peace of mind, and confidence they feel inside is priceless. Many go on to say they wish they had acted years ago.

If you feel motivated to find out more, please call me for a free informal chat on 07771 554782. I’d be very happy to take the time to answer your questions because I care about my clients being able to make changes, even if you fear those mountains can’t be climbed.

When you attend your advanced hypnotherapy or coaching sessions, you will discover why so many people get excited and tell their friends and family about them.

Here’s what my satisfied clients are saying:-

“I stopped smoking. Felt more confident and able to do this. The tools given enabled me to stay off smoking even in difficult times.”
– Crisian Emanuel, Actress

“Hi Richard, Passed my OSCE exams. Thanks for your help.”
– Yvonne Carter

Here’s what Megan, a 43 year-old single mum of 2 had to say about my Weight Loss course: “Richard, I wanted to let you know what’s been happening since listening to your hypnosis CD. I am more relaxed certainly. I have an increased ability to go into trance (which I love). I am chewing all my food slower, whereas before I would finish it quickly. I am also able to cope better with food cravings. As a result, I am losing weight. Amazingly, I was also able to stop smoking without difficulty. It seems to be working!”

“I am more relaxed, content, peaceful and positive. My panic has dissolved and I just feel more in control. It’s amazing how it works. It helps you reach levels of peace and contentment. Outstanding.”
– Margarita Santis

“I have felt more confident and comfortable with myself since I started the appointments with you. I have learnt how to let stuff go – and to get on with things. I was always asked what I wanted to work on. The discussions prior to the trances managed to really focus on what I wanted.”
– James Parsons

“I feel far more confident and relaxed since attending these sessions. Prior to them I was feeling anxious, pessimistic about my future, and had a general feeling of hopelessness. Now I feel revitalised, happy and that anything is possible. I have also started to notice tangible benefits and rewards from the sessions in my life. The speed at which I started to notice results from my sessions has been impressive. After my first session, which focused upon anxiety and improving my confidence, I attended an assessment centre three days later! I found myself to be completely relaxed and at ease, and I was offered the position on the day.”
– Jack Bolter

“Hi Richard, It’s been a successful six days and I’m not really thinking about smoking at all. I’ve been out and about and think I’ve finally cracked it. I know it’s early days and I’ve three weeks with the Airline so Alcohol is not in the near future either. Chuffed so far, excellent job Richard. Keep you posted.”
– Claudio Vidini

“I have an improved sense of perspective and ‘closure’ on former events. I’ve noticed improved sense of confidence/optimism about myself and the future. I am surprised at what a ‘sucker’ I was for hypnotherapy. I didn’t think I would benefit as much as I did.” – Kevin Gale

“I’ve been losing 2 lbs every week since I started. I am feeling much more confident and positive in my ability to lose weight. I was surprised that even after only 1 session new habits were beginning to form.”
– Julie Joannou

“Hi Richard, Just like to start off by saying I’m still off the cigarettes- and Alys is still going strong too! I’m so glad to be rid of that habit, and can honestly say I’ll never touch another one again!”
– Andrew Kowalik

“Richard, I stopped smoking after one session nearly one year ago. Got more optimistic & confident after one session; this session was conducted one week before one of the most difficult exams I have done, and passed the exam [to be a fully certified driving instructor] first time. Although at first I was sceptical you proved me wrong (eg, smoking), many thanks Richard. What most impressed me: How comfortable and calm both sessions were, and both sessions worked exceptionally.”
– Peter Stacey


Call 029 2209 3092  Now
To Stop Blushing In One Hour


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