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Stop Smoking in One Hour – Quit Quickly and Easily with No E-Cigarettes, No Patches, No Cravings With My Proven Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Single Session.

You notice you get out of breath far too easily considering your age. You have a kid or a couple of kids, and you want to play with them in the park. But it’s hard because you run out of puff. You go to work but you find more and more at the end of the day that you have no energy left. You even start taking naps as soon as you get home. You never used to be like this. But smoking has crept up on you. You used to be active, have energy and enjoy fitness and training.

You feel older than you should, and guilty that you can’t provide your kids with the best role model of a parent that you know you could.

Smoking is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. At some point, you may get unlucky and that mistake will be costly. In some areas of the UK, for example, lung cancer is more prevalent than the national average because there are a higher proportion of smokers. The link between smoking and cancer is known to be strong. Statistically, the outlook for lung cancer is not great. By the time patients are diagnosed, it is often too late to treat. Think of the completely avoidable sadness and heartache that causes loved ones to go through.

An End To Struggling And “Will Power”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I have worked with hundreds of people to stop smoking using hypnotherapy easily and quickly – with no cravings and no weight gain.

Consider my client Jack. He is in his early 30s with 2 children. He has a trade and he is very good at what he does. When he was younger, he was fit and used to enjoy training. When he came to see me, he was struggling walking to the park with his boys, let alone running around with them. He was constantly out of breath and wheezing. He was genuinely scared and concerned that he was in this sort of shape when he came to see me.

By the time he left, he said, “As you were talking to me during the hypnosis session, I just felt this shift and I knew I was never going to smoke again. Thank you.”

If you come or see me, I will find out what the blocks you have are, the specific hardest things that have gotten in the way of quitting smoking before. And I will make sure those blocks are totally eliminated. I will even show you how you can control your own mind. By the time you leave, you will be feeling more confident, energised and positive about life than in many years.

I have seen hundreds of clients make this change quickly and easily. One of my very first clients was a 78-year old grandmother, who told me that all her family and friends were against here stopping. They didn’t see the reason why she should bother at her age. But she knew why: she wanted to quit for herself, to feel back in control. And she did. What a wonderful role model of change she became to her grandchildren. It was very moving for me to experience.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Cardiff

“My first course was to gain more confidence. Instantly, I felt the benefits, with this increasing over the sessions. I was so impressed with hypnotherapy that I then went on to the course for stop smoking hypnotherapy. I am now a non smoker. I’d previously tried to quit on numerous occasions, but with hypnotherapy, something kicked in and I have quit for good. What most impressed me were the relaxation techniques, the speed in which it worked.” 
– Emma Thomas

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Cardiff

“I stopped smoking and feel so much happier. Since seeing you Rich [for stop smoking hypnotherapy], I’ve also rekindled a sense of childhood playfulness and ability to have fun that I thought I had lost. My overall sense of relaxation is much increased, so have my happy feelings and ability to focus. I just don’t have that sense of tension in my stomach that always seemed to be there any more.” 
– Mel Plati, Artist,

Here’s How Your Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session Will Unfold

When you come to see me for stop smoking hypnotherapy, you will tell me exactly why you want to quit now. Your reason will be so compelling and, as we talk, your sheer determination will grow. You will let me know the precise blocks, the hardest parts of your day when you find it almost impossible to resist a cigarette: after a meal, during a break time, when you are bored, after a meal, with a coffee…whatever it is, whatever they are, you will list them. You will also let me know any beliefs you have about hard this habit is to break.

Then you will start to consider what your life will be like once you have overcome this. And that is when the real magic starts.

I use a very powerful set of protocols that will help you change. And I will be tailoring everything to your needs throughout the session. The best part about it is that you won’t need to use willpower or force yourself.

I will help you get confident with the hypnotic process upfront. This is deeply pleasant and easy. You will learn why it’s not about ‘going under’, but rather about trance training. You will discover how you can easily benefit from hypnosis by building up a simple set of skills – very quickly. And you will feel deeply relaxed throughout.

At the same time, your deep personal reason for change (being there for your kids, wanting to get back a serious level of fitness, [insert your reason here]) will become amplified. They will become the raw materials of unconscious fuel to power along the motor of change.

How You Will Enjoy The Experience Of And Benefit From Hypnosis

As you close your eyes, you get comfortable very quickly, and it will feel like you are going deeply, but you will also be in constant communication with me whilst in hypnosis because I will be making sure your unconscious is fully aligned to your conscious reasons to stop smoking. Even though you may have failed to quit many times before, this process is unlike any of those other more conscious mind approaches.

In hypnosis you will also learn and install resilience to 6 common blocks to staying a non smoker, which means you will be mentally and emotionally prepared for them. This isn’t some resolution where you merely stop for a few days. Because you are enlisting the support of your unconscious mind, you will be amazed at how easy this is. But we leave nothing to chance. There are several hidden traps out there in the real world and we will make sure you are virtually bullet-proof to these because your inner mind will recognise them, be prepared for them and make sure you avoid them.

At a deep level, a new unique symbol of change is chosen by your inner mind and installed, which acts as a guiding beacon for your subconscious. As you go into even deeper states of focus, the software of your mind gets updated, so when you emerge from hypnosis, you feel alert, confident and with a real sense that you have made this change and will be able to maintain it.

And just in case there is any doubt, I will be thoroughly testing to make sure this work really is complete: you are a non-smoker.

My guarantee is that if you ever need any additional help, it is there free of charge. You won’t need it but there is nothing like having peace of mind, knowing that you can pick up a phone now and have an open and honest conversation to see if stop smoking hypnotherapy is for you.

Here’s what my satisfied Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Cardiff clients are saying:-

Hi Richard, It’s been a successful six days and I’m not really thinking about smoking at all. I’ve been out and about and think I’ve finally cracked it. I know it’s early days and I’ve three weeks with the Airline so Alcohol is not in the near future either. Chuffed so far, excellent job Richard. Keep you posted.
– Claudio Vidini

I have an improved sense of perspective and ‘closure’ on former events. I’ve noticed improved sense of confidence/optimism about myself and the future. I am surprised at what a ‘sucker’ I was for hypnotherapy. I didn’t think I would benefit as much as I did.
– Kevin Gale

Hi Richard, Just like to start off by saying I’m still off the cigarettes- and Alys is still going strong too! I’m so glad to be rid of that habit, and can honestly say I’ll never touch another one again!
– Andrew Kowalik

Richard, I stopped smoking after one session nearly one year ago. Got more optimistic & confident after one session; this session was conducted one week before one of the most difficult exams I have done, and passed the exam [to be a fully certified driving instructor] first time. Although at first I was sceptical you proved me wrong (eg, smoking), many thanks Richard. What most impressed me: How comfortable and calm both sessions were, and both sessions worked exceptionally.
– Peter Stacey

“Richard, it was excellent. I relaxed and stopped smoking in one go.
– Daren Harper

I’ve stopped smoking! The little voice that always said you can’t do it has gone. Your session gave me a wonderful sense of inner energy.
– Cathy Morris

I stopped smoking and feel so relaxed now. I don’t want to smoke again – EVER! It really worked 100%.
– Mrs Nicolai

“I stopped smoking in one hour. It worked!
– Ifan Ramage