Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Cardiff Imagine Being Able To Lose Weight, Banish Cravings, Feel Better About Yourself And Still Enjoy Food Guilt-Free.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Worked For Me. It Can Work For You, Too!

Being overweight and stuck in a negative cycle is not just bad for your wardrobe, it’s really bad for your state of mind. Being overweight makes you more susceptible to a whole range of health issues. It causes you to miss out on the juice of life. Instead of feeling full of energy and good inside, you feel stuck in a rut.

No matter how hard you try and how many times you say, “I need to cut out the junk” or “I’ll be good today” it doesn’t seem to quite happen. It seems an overwhelming – almost impossible task – to change because no matter how many diets you have tried, you have failed to make any lasting progress.

It’s like a cloud that seems to follow you around. You have cravings for sugar: you eat sugary food, pastries, bread, cakes or biscuits. You eat because you are bored and then feel guilty afterwards. You know you are eating rubbish, and your heart drops when you stand on the scales. When you look in the mirror, you know you don’t look the way you used to.

But there is hope.

Here’s Why My Proven Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Program Will Work For You

Consider my client who came to see me. She is a professional in her 40s, with 2 kids who are growing up. When she first came to see me, she couldn’t work out why she wasn’t losing weight (“I don’t eat masses”). When I probed, it turned out she was drinking a bottle of wine a night, most nights, and there was cake in the office every few days and she felt she couldn’t say no. She had lots of cravings for chocolate and felt totally unable to change by herself. After her first 2 sessions, she was free of her sugar addiction and never looked back. Today she feels back in control of her life.

I work with clients specifically to get back positive habits that are natural: to feel full more easily, get back to feeling good inside like you used to, maybe before you had kids and crucially to cut out sugar wherever possible.

You may feel disappointed in yourself, ashamed and demotivated about this and failed before.  It is deeply satisfying to see my clients who are losing 2 lbs a week – with no conscious effort. And hearing just how much better they feel. See what my client says in this video:

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How To EAT YOUR WAY To A Happy Stomach Again!

When you come to see me, here’s what I will do for you:

I will work with you to feel better inside, right from the start. I want you to feel strong self-esteem right the way through this process, and feel better inside every step of the way.

Then I will chat with you about the specific blocks you have, and we will address these together.

I explain what hypnosis is and is not and help you feel completely at ease. You will never have felt so in control.

By the time you close your eyes and go inside, you’ll find it is surprisingly easy and comfortable to go into a deep trance. You relax down in a wonderful calming state to the point where you begin to forget about the problem. This naturally tends to relax you more, and as this happens, I help you communicate with your inner mind and use innate abilities to start accessing the good feelings, positive experiences and happy memories that you lost touch with.

Then we go way beyond even that to help you experience different flavours of good feelings that are most appealing to you. These are the ingredients that we will use to cook up a delicious meal of positive self esteem and sense of being back in control. As you do, old limiting thoughts and beliefs start to change with little effort.

What Can You Expect After Hypnosis?

When you emerge from hypnosis, you come back having enjoyed a profound positive experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. But the best part is that there is nothing do in between sessions – except listening to a hypnosis recording. You simply notice changes in thinking, feeling and the way you behave showing up naturally each day. There is no need to starve yourself, ever go hungry or go to the gym (unless you want to). You simply get on with things and enjoy your life. You stop obsessing about food all the time. If there is a specific food you want to cut out totally and it’s healthy to do so, we make that happen and you get to notice just how easy that is in your day to day life.

In short, we will work together to kick-start your motivation from the very first session.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Some clients love the convenience of my virtual gastric band hypnosis where you feel like your stomach has shrunk but with none of the dangers or inconvenience of surgery. Others want something altogether different: I tailor each session on your weight loss hypnotherapy course to your unique personality – based on real-time communication with your subconscious.

What’s more, you are involved every step of the way throughout the process and I make sure you are ‘doing it right’. This builds great confidence because you get to experience yourself developing hypnotic skills every single week. Very few hypnotists are confident enough and able to do this with clients, but you will actually become adept at experiencing hypnotic phenomena, so you know you are hypnotised, all the way through your sessions!

If you have been thinking about hypnosis, then don’t delay. I can only take on a couple of extra motivated clients each month. But I am ready to take your call and offer a free consultation, so I can find out what you need, and let you know whether hypnosis is right for you now.

Here’s What My Satisfied Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Clients Are Saying:-

I’ve been losing 2 lbs every week since I started. I am feeling much more confident and positive in my ability to lose weight. I was surprised that even after only 1 session new habits were beginning to form. 
– Julie Joannou

Dear Richard, I just wanted to update you on my ongoing progress. Since I first started coming to see you I have now lost a stone in weight but more importantly for me I managed to get through an incredibly stressful time over the last few months without binging. I had so many assignments to do which would have usually driven me to excessive eating but my response was nowhere near that. I am so very grateful for all your help and recently heard that you’re getting married in a few weeks time, so just wanted to wish you all the best and I hope you have a lovely day. Speak to you soon.
– Lisa Brown

Hi Richard…I just wanted to let you know that I have already noticed better eating habits since seeing you. I’ve amazingly started to eat the fruits and veg that I didn’t like before. I even managed to eat a tomato. I even stopped eating crisps and chocs, which were my downfall. In fact I can’t stand them anymore! I’ve started exercising and generally feel better. Thank you!
– James Llewellyn

I feel more relaxed and happy. I am not so tense now either. I haven’t even touched chocolate or crisps – and that’s just after one session. I even see fruit and veg in a different way (and I only ate junk food before!). I can’t wait to have some veg now! Your hypnotherapy was so calming Richard: it takes you to another world.
– Collette Beazer

Helen, 52, a customer services manager for Barratt Homes, says:

I’d never done anything like this before. The first time I felt self conscious. You see these stupid television programmes where people run around and do things under hypnosis.

“At the end of the first session I came out feeling totally relaxed. You are conscious throughout and totally aware of everything that’s going on. You aren’t totally out of it.

“I was told to put my fork down between each mouthful. I’m a fast eater but in the third week of hypnotherapy I realised I had started putting my knife and fork down and going slower, but not deliberately.

“I’m not a gullible person. Normally my will power would have gone by now but I’m in my fourth week, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet and I’ve lost 10lb without any effort. “He suggested I’d refuse junk food and eat healthier. My weakness is cakes but I found I didn’t want them.

“You need motivation but the hypnotherapy helps you keep it.”