Case Study Overcoming Interview Nerves and Anxiety with Confidence Hypnotherapy

It’s common to have interview nerves, fear public speaking or be anxious about job interviews. In fact, fear of public speaking consistently ranks #1 as the top fear in the UK and USA. A recent client, Adrian Baker, tells his story.

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“I’d been in the same job for 7 years and realised it was time for a change.

I had worked with Richard successfully to get my last job and I decided that it was time for a change. Honestly, after all this time, I didn’t know where to start.

With Richard’s help, I identified a great role for me. When I say, with his help, Richard actually took the time to identify my skills, and also helped me do a search to identify the ideal role. After we found a match, I had a very long application form to fill out. It was intimidating. The criteria looked very tough and I wasn’t sure how to even go about showing that I could meet it – even though I knew I had the ability.

Richard proofed my application too many times to mention and gave me feedback. He trained me how to answers questions so I could answer the criteria clearly and provide good examples.

The result? I was shortlisted for interview on my first application in seven years.

But that was just the beginning.

Nerve-Wracking Anxiety

The lead up to interview was nerve-wracking but in the week leading up, Richard interviewed me, prepared me and gave me detailed constructive and practical feedback.

I had come on in leaps and bounds, but…

The day before the interview, I felt anxious, like I couldn’t do it and like I didn’t even want to go. The day before I felt very anxious. Richard forced me to dig deep and I told him I felt angst, dread and anxiety.

He didn’t miss a beat. He asked me, ‘If I could wave a magic wand, what would you want me to do?’

I told him, ‘Have this negative feeling gone and relax again.’

Richard then helped me go into a deep trance, cleared the negativity and I felt free again.”

The result?

40 minutes later I was fine!

And the best part: this was all over the telephone!

It was unbelievable.”

What Happened Next

Says Richard, “This is exactly why high performance coaching and deep hypnotherapy is so effective. Adrian always had the potential, but the old sense of fear and limitation was holding him back.”

I received this email from Adrian, later the same day:

“Richard, Thanks for the session today, it’s made such a difference. I’ve been able to steadily and efficiently go through my list of things to do this afternoon without stressing and just feel so much calmer inside. Normally it would take a deep tissue massage to have that effect.

Straight after our session, I had a stressed person come up to me. I calmly listened and sorted the issue almost instantly.

I actually feel human again, not some knotted-up Gollum creature!

I’m not even going to do any more prep work for tomorrow now. I’m going easy on myself and will trust I will come up with the answers I need when I need them. As I said when we spoke I can now actually visualise myself in that room talking confidently.

Thank you, Adrian”

The Interview


Adrian with Hypnotherapist and Coach, Richard Haggerty

The next day after the interview, Adrian contacted me:

“Today has been the first day I have felt really good in myself for years, and that’s no exaggeration. I’ve felt a sense of achievement and self-confidence I used to do when challenging myself to do “crazy” things or travelling the world. I feel truly alive!

Things all started to turn around when we did the session yesterday, I can’t thank you enough for that – especially as I was feeling so anxious and stressed beforehand that I didn’t even want to attend!”

Since the interview was a Friday, there was a long weekend wait…

The next week, on Tuesday, I got a phone call from Adrian and waited for the news. He said:

They offered me the job! Thank you! I can safely say that the fear and anxiety is gone!

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